Julia Roberts: Frump Nation

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 7, 2006 12:00:00 May 7, 2006 12:00:00
Dressing this way to rehearsals or on a casual stroll to market is one thing. But wearing it to a fancy event in New York??? No gossips. This isn"t just about bad taste or wickedly awful style. THIS is a deliberate attempt at a "message through fashion." So what is Julia trying to say? It"s obvious, non? "There"s nothing worth photographing here. I have become more babuschka than bombshell. I won"t sell your magazines. So stop following me around." Quite clever, actually. And - call me naïve - but I actually believe her. Because inevitably, the ones who complain about getting their picture taken almost always look decent. With the exception, of course, of Cameron Diaz who never looks decent but that"s more of a birth defect than anything else. Julia, however, is TRYING to look bad. And no one TRIES to look bad in Hollywood. Except perhaps those who really don"t want to be splashed and glamourised across the pages of Us Weekly. And it appears as though Julia Roberts is shying away from fame. For real. But oddly enough, the harder she tries to look like hell, the more attractive I find her. And - shocker of shockers - the more I like her! Maybe it"s because it"s been ages since I"ve heard her honking goose guffaw. Maybe it"s because she hasn"t been able to play the same character over and over again on screen for a while. Maybe it"s because in my active imagination, a gradual Hollywood retreat is the penance she"s agreed to make for wrecking a home. After all, who can resist an act of attrition??? The bottom line is - I am warming to Julia Roberts. Because in the grand scheme of things, I"d much rather see Julia than Jennifer Love Hewitt or Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria or Jennifer Aniston or any of these 2nd rate celebrities secretly hoping for her throne. Dear Julia, Please stick around. Maybe you"re not so annoying after all. Think about it. Love your new fan, Lainey

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