Someone help her. Because Tiffany Amber Thiessen, minus the Amber, is stuck in 1996. Those pants are hitched up higher than Urkel. And forgive me but the girl does not know her own body. It’s luscious and full and all kinds of lovely to grab on to but it ain’t right for tight white trousers and a crop tank, that’s for damn sure. While we’re at it, I’m thinking she needs a bit more support. And please tell me that’s just a swag bag because I don’t care if Vuitton himself rose up from the dead to design this thing, it’s the most embarrassing piece of sh*t I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t even put that photo in a fake frame – why the f&ck would I want to walk around with it on my tote??? By the way – does she have a job these days? I always liked her, you know. After all, she slept with David Silver, right? Hmmm…David Silver grew up hot. Lucky girl. Tragic the way things work in Hollywood, non? Tiffany Thiessen, sweet nice bombshell, can’t find work while an amoral little tramp like Jennifer Love Hewitt gets a prime time show. Where is the justice, y’all? Where.Is.It??? Photos from Saving Face