Now Jane Austen.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is adapting Pride and Prejudice for Lifetime.

Sure. I’ll wait here while you punch yourself in the face. But you might want to hold some back, because I’m not done, and you’ll probably want to punch yourself in the face again after you read the rest. Take your time.

Yes. Jennifer Love Hewitt +  Elizabeth Bennet... for LIFETIME.

Oh, sorry, it’s actually Jennifer Love Hewitt + Mr Darcy ... for LIFETIME.

Just making sure you know that Lifetime is the same network that produced Liz & Dick?

She wants to call the show...

Darcy’s Town.

No, I don’t know why she hates us and wants to hurt us. That’s a very good question. But you realise it’s more than this, right?

They will watch. Those who’ve never met Austen before, and certainly not the way Austen is intended, they will think that how Jennifer Love Hewitt presents her. And we will live in a world where Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jane Austen are linked in some minds forever.

I hate people.

Attached - JLH on the set of The Client List last week.