Size 2 Love broke up with Jamie Kennedy like 5 minutes ago. Already her bedazzled vagina has hooked up another companion. His name is John Asher. He is the ex husband of Jenny McCarthy, the father of her son Evan. Supposedly John couldn’t handle Evan’s autism. Jenny doesn’t speak too highly of him. And why would she? He gave an interview during which he revealed that Jenny was a “freak” in bed and loved threesomes. Click here for more on that.

John guested on Ghost Whisperer recently and I guess that’s how he and Jennifer Love Hewitt began what will surely become one of the classic Hollywood love stories of all time. Until they break up and he gives us some real insight on what the vajazzling looks like. After all, her body is a wonderland.*

This is Size 2 Love at a book signing recently. Because people actually wanted to buy her book. The f-ck? Why do people love pissing on their money? Here. Read this. THIS is her book. THAT is what this bitch is selling. And what people are paying for. I don’t understand.

*Urban Legend. He didn’t really write it for her.

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