Size 2 Jennifer Love Hewitt today showing off her new Bentley.

“Love” as they call her is the star of a show called Ghost Whisperer that airs on Friday Nights, a modest ratings winner on a night that’s hard to win. For several seasons now. Ghost Whisperer. They watch Ghost Whisperer. Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer? I’ve watched it once. I was on assignment. And I spent the entire hour plucking my leg hairs and trying not to throw up. The show has never been a critical favourite.

But good taste is dead. Which is why she can afford a new Bentley...while Friday Night Lights, one of the most acclaimed shows on television in years, has to beg for renewal season after season.

I hate people.

Look at this cheeseball. She’s now dating Jamie Kennedy. Click here to see photo.


Photos from Ben Tsui/