Jennifer Love Hewitt has a line of maternity clothes now.

You know, my colleague on The Social, Melissa Grelo, was pregnant through the entire first run of our show and she wore regular clothing the entire time. Same thing with Cynthia Loyst. And so many of the other women I hear from. The only “maternity” item they bought were the jeans with the elastic waistbands which, frankly, I plan on investing in even though I will never get pregnant because that just seems like a really good f-cking idea. But dresses? Non “maternity” stretchy dresses work for pregnancy. And they look AMAZING.

Cynthia actually just turned to me to say that maternity clothes are often more expensive and you can’t even wear them after you’re done having the baby. So… is it a money grab? Discuss!

Anyway, JLH wants you to buy her pregnancy clothing. And she invited all kinds of people to her party to cup their bellies. Enjoy.