You know what song I hate?

I hate John Legend’s All Of Me. And it’s everywhere. It’s every song on the radio on my drive home from work. They don’t play Sia enough. They’re trying to make me sick of Sam Smith. So maybe they’ll work this song into the rotation.

Jenny Lewis’s Just One Of The Guys. Love it. And the video too.

Look, you don’t ask your famous friends to be in your video if you don’t want people to be talking about that in your video. And the two people people love to talk about: Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart. Both polarising. Either way, when it comes to Annie and KStew, there’s always a conversation, always an opinion. Confronting it like this looks good.

Annie’s Fantine tears look good.

And her black eyeliner looks really, really good. So beautiful.

“No matter how hard I try.” They didn’t give her that line by accident you know.

Kristen Stewart dancing? Looks very good too! I want to see her dance like this more. That little step at the 1:50 mark? CUUUUUTE.