Dr. Jenny “You Can’t Fire Me I Quit!” McCarthy recently did an interview with Howard Stern, and say what you will about Howard, he has no shame when he interviews a D-list celebrity. (Source)

When the topic of her upcoming wedding to Donnie Wahlberg comes up, he grills her about Mark Wahlberg and brings up the rumour that Mark isn’t a fan of the relationship. She insists it’s not true and they had a lovely meeting this past summer, but Howard seems skeptical. Imagine Rhea Durham’s Bitch Face if she had to endure Jenny McCarthy? If she does this to a reporter on a red carpet, she must make roses wilt in her real life.

Howard also asks about who will be invited. She says no famous people because she hates them (famous people to Jenny McCarthy: ditto), but it’s interesting because Donnie’s NKOTB bandmates are all famous, and they are still tight. Will they make the cut? And of course Jenny has a very famous cousin, Melissa McCarthy. Did they mention that at all?  Did Howard ask her about Melissa McCarthy? Much more interesting than hearing about Jenny’s vibrators. He could have started with, “Why wasn’t your cousin Melissa a guest when you were on The View?” I found a clip of Jenny blithely defending Melissa after The Identity Thief/Rex Reed controversy but that’s it. Was she on there and did I miss it? If so, send me the clip! Because I’ve done a thorough search, and I can’t even find a picture of the two of them together.

Personally, I do think good could come out of the Wahlberg/McCarthy union – a movie with Melissa and Mark. Mark has had a lot of success playing the straight guy in comedies like The Other Guys and Ted. If Melissa and Mark hit it off, the comedic chemistry would be great. I would watch that movie.

I hope they are both invited and able to make, at least for Rhea’s sake. She would feel much more comfortable at the wedding if she had a movie star to sit with.