I'm a sucker for a tan and yellow colour combination, and this is a great dress on Jenny Slate.

Strapless, textured and with a full Little Bo Peep skirt, this dress reminds me (in part) of the Givenchy lace cocktail dress Natalie Portman wore to the Independent Spirit Awards back in 2011. Except unlike the ultra-confident Natalie, it seems like her fellow Jewess Jenny still can't believe she scored an invite to this party. 

Posing with her hands on her hips, Jenny joked around at the Indie Spirit T-Mobile lounge with Ben Lyons.

"I mean it's always cool to get to meet Laura Dern," she said, before letting out a big laugh.

Jenny, with Obvious Child and Marcel the Shell, you've more than earned your ticket.

Speaking of Jewesses, Jenny channels the famous Gilda Radner SNL sketch for Jewess Jeans in this Gap ad with Paul Dano. Have you seen it yet? Would recommend.