Did you ever listen to that episode of Anna Faris’s Unqualified podcast featuring Chris Evans, Jenny Slate, and a guest appearance by Chris Pratt? I wrote about it last month – click here for a refresher. In that post, I commented that Chris Evans is the guy with a Scott Eastwood face to certain women and Joseph Gordon-Levitt face to other women. With Anna and Jenny, obviously, he was not the frat-bro. He was all about growing up around women and being platonic friends with women and sensitive to women and they were all about what a great, wonderful man he was and now…

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are dating?

It was recently reported that Jenny and her husband had parted amicably. Now according to US Weekly she and Chris were on a double date with his brother back in March. They met on a film called Gifted last year. So now I have to go back and re-listen to that podcast to see if there was anything there. I definitely remember giggling. And I also remember they were very complimentary of each other. But, mostly, I think I remember Anna and how she was talking up Chris in particular, and now I wonder if she was doing it in that way that friends do when they’re trying to set people up. Click here for the podcast and please note there are two parts.

Attached - Jenny and Chris on the set of Gifted last year.