Supernatural is back in Vancouver after hiatus, just beginning work on Season 7. And the first episode is to be directed by Jensen Ackles. Here’s Ackles on set yesterday with co-star Jared Padalecki.

I always wonder about how the year flows when you work in TV. Very, very early summer start. And then, as everyone else is in the middle of it, like July, it’s kinda September for you. Sometimes I think we’re too programmed by how school works.

I know some of you are totally fanatical about this show, and so whenever there are photos, I will do my best to post them. Jensen and Jared, at least one, usually head to Comic-Con every year. I’m going again too. We leave on Wednesday. Last year, I think I interviewed Jensen on a carpet. I say I “think” because it’s now all a blur to me those few days. The nerd herd, as Dylan would say, keeps us busy.

Photos from PUNKD Images