Compared to this, non?

But why are these, the new Fans, the modern, post Facebook/Twitter iteration of the Fan, why is it so f-cking crazy??? It’s not just Twi-Hards, although Stephenie Meyer did activate some kind of loser gene in her faithful, it’s also these rabid lunatics who love too much and too wrong, who’ve been known to create alternate universes, frightening UN-realities, and – the best – are willing to share them.

I should dedicate an entire page to it one day. One day.

For now just know that in the week or so that I posted those shirtless photos of Jensen Ackles, I have heard from them – I have heard about how they vilify the wives and girlfriends, hex them, plot to harm them, and I have also heard from a girl who sends me transcripts of the “text messages” that she and Jensen send to each other, to prove that she is actually his one and only, that he’s only dating the other women to hide her true identity. Pages and pages of “conversation” she’s conjured between them that go back days and weeks and months.

I know!!!

Anyway, here’s Jensen earlier this week riding away from his secret lover on a mini bike during a break from shooting Supernatural that will no doubt inspire a new round of communication. I can’t wait to read it.

Photos from Punkd Images