Although the weather forecast is never reliable in Vancouver, they say it’s supposed to start cooling down after tomorrow. We’ve had a very good stretch of heat and sunshine which has certainly helped with my low rounds on the golf course – it's an addiction now, now that I’ve shot 95, I’m convinced I can go down to 90, especially since I had 2 quads the other day. But I digress. You’re not here to hear about my game.

So about those inaccurate weather reports, they originally called for rain on Saturday. Saturday ended up being beautiful, hot enough as you can see here for Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles to go shirtless while playing soccer with the crew.

As noted before, am constantly getting appeals for more Supernatural as the show has a rabid loyal following, helped no doubt by the wholesome good looks of its two lead actors Jared Padalecki and the aforementioned Ackles – he’s the one with the Jessica Simpson connection. Totally cute, yes, but I’m just saying I’ve seen a tighter body.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images