Entourage: Best Boys Minus One

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The boys are here in Cannes. All of them. Filming an episode during the festival, Vince is apparently trying to finance Medellin and although the producers are desperately trying to keep things under wraps, word is they will be making a huge splash somewhere during their 3 day shoot.

The press conference was this morning. First a panel Q&A and then individual interviews afterwards. You can’t imagine how excited I was…and how disappointed too not to see Lloyd.

No Lloyd but always Drama. Drama was amazing. All of them, in fact, with the glaring exception of Kevin Connolly but I’ll get to that piece of sh-t soon enough.

First the ones who deserve the love.

Jeremy Piven: it was early, he looked tired, but he was humble and present and willing to engage and good with questions and witty and … you know, as a member of the media, you see so many different versions, so many celebrities who approach press as an evil, who truly believe their work is entirely separate from the promotion. And so when they get there, like a sullen 12 year old who’s been told she can’t sleep over at Tammy’s, they let you know how resentful they are. There is an edge to every answer…because they are “artists” and they just can’t understand how their “artistic” lives are made possible by anyone else knowing about it.

Jeremy Piven, at least this morning, was still grateful. He spoke about Ari with a lot of affection, he clearly cares about his character, understands him inside and out, and is grateful for what Ari has brought to his life. Ari is a prick, no doubt, but as Jeremy said, Ari is also faithful, Ari cares for his wife, Ari’s primary obligation is to make money for his family. And so with that as a foundation, he can go around being the dick he is, and it is this treatment that gives the role some depth, know what I mean?

As such, his answers were passionate and thoughtful and appreciative. He loves knowing that he’s a part of a quality show, he was there to make sure the show continues…and he did his job very well.

As for what he looks like – well he looks like Ari after a bender. Hair was unkempt and tufts sprouted out of the collar of his tee shirt. Tanned, short, nothing remarkable but a nice smile and warm eyes…believe me, I’ve heard all the stories. This morning though, at the very least, he was very well behaved. Was impressed.

Jerry Ferrara: TURTLE!!! Have to gush – is soooo nice. Of course doesn’t get as much hype as the others, isn’t dating and/or cheating Nicky Hilton, isn’t a conventional hunk but he is so sweet, and you have to picture me saying this, tilting head, squinting eyes, voice rising to a squeal at the end of the sentence … Jerry is SO SWEET. Still amazed at what’s happened, not resentful at all that he’s not #1, great sense of humour, has cute stories about how people always come up to him expecting him to be carrying around some weed and partying his ass off which couldn’t be further from reality. He’s pretty chill, isn’t picking up second hand tail from any of his co-stars, flies way under the radar.

He did however tell me that it was his first time out of the country – he’s afraid of flying. Cheesy, I know…but can you see now why I wanted to hug him???

Kevin Dillon: I ran a contest earlier this year giving away Entourage box sets and the skilltesting question was – who’s your favourite character? It was between Ari and Drama, with Drama winning out slightly in the end. Who doesn’t love Drama?

Spoiler alert! Drama now has a hit show, a bit more swagger – which is hysterical coming from Drama – and so Kevin’s storyline is getting meatier, his work finally acknowledged and now also finally recognised beyond his brother’s shadow. How annoying must it be to have people bring it up all the time? Even the moderator during the press conference introduced Kevin Dillon via Matt Dillon. Was one of those cringe moments, where you’re like – Dude, come ON.

But Kevin didn’t go there. He was cool, you could tell he was pretty stoked about the success of the show and the popularity of his character and he did treat us to a Drama moment at one point when a reporter from Holland asked Adrian Grenier about Vince the big superstar at Cannes and Kevin jumped in like Drama – Johnny Drama’s here too! Killed me.

And I have to say, all three of these guys, they did the press line and they wanted to. They took as many questions as were asked of them, there were honoured to do it, they didn’t rush, they were upbeat, they gave great, specific, involved answers… it’s a sad reality, you know? When that becomes the exception? When a compliment is delivered simply for doing a job? But I’m telling you, you wouldn’t believe the alternative. And when the alternative arrives in the form of Kevin Connolly???

Bitch… please.

PS. Canada don’t forget – Entourage second half of season 3 is currently airing on The Movie Network an Movie Central and Season 4 premieres on June 17th … same time as the US!

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