Not that this should surprise you but still…

Somewhere out there, some women are rewarding these moves. Ed Hardy wearing douchebags are still getting strange, which means this sh-t must work.

Jeremy Piven was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago promoting The Goods. A film studio decided it would be a good idea to piss away a few million dollars on The Goods. Awesome.

Anyway, Piven stopped by MTV News in Canada for an interview with Aliya-Jasmine Sovani.

First he interrupted their discussion, requested that the cameras be turned off, so that he could demand that she hop on Twitter to tweet about how great his movie was. Then he watched while she grudgingly obliged.

After resuming the interview he proceeded to talk instead about Aliya’s cultural background, how exotic looking she is, how attractive she is, how attractive he was to her.

Somehow the conversation ended up being about Twitter again, at which point he told her that he’d like to “tweet all over her twitties”.


He’s had success with this?

The answer is yes.

Aliya-Jasmine was disgusted but there are cheap skank twats all over who keep allowing this to happen.

And this is what makes MTV News in Canada.

It’s not that this never happens. This happens all the time. But almost every other tv outlet has to eat it. Can’t piss off the publicists. Can’t piss off the studios. Can’t risk punishment, can’t risking getting blocked from junkets, from talent, can’t risk getting blacklisted from high profile interviews. Which is why everyone else has to bend over and secretly wishes that once, just once, they could just call it like it is the way MTV News is doing with a perverted Jeremy Piven.

Also – seems like a good time to mention Hot Chicks With Douchebags. Have linked to it before but it deserves another mention. Douchebags are like cockroaches. Can never get rid of them.

Attached – Piven at the premiere of The Goods in Vegas.

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