This is Jeremy Piven in Beverly Hills the other day picking up a few items at Barneys. Perhaps a new suit for his trial?

Piven is expected in New York today at an Actors’ Equity committee hearing over his Speed-the-Plow debacle. You’ll recall, Jeremy claimed he had mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi and bailed on the production. Playwright David Mamet called him out for lying as he was seen partying and raging in the days leading up to his unexpected departure and the fact that the initial diagnosis came from a shady-ish doctor didn’t help either.

The producers of the play filed a grievance against him and now Piven must answer the charges. He is required to provide proof of his illness and describe his symptoms and account for his actions during the time he was performing. His case will be heard by a panel comprised of 5 actors and 5 producers.

Word is however the odds are stacked against him. Speed-the-Plow producers have lined up witnesses who can attest to his extracurricular activities and who can reveal that he’d been plotting to leave the show all along.

Holy f-ck. These Broadway people do not mess around. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Reminds me of when Lindsay Lohan had her ass cleaned out by the producer on Georgia Rule who made public his displeasure with her work ethic in the form of a letter admonishing her for showing up late all the time.

This needs to happen more often. These spoiled twats need to be held accountable. And hit them where it hurts: at the bank!

If the committee rules against Piven, he’ll have to compensate the producers for their losses. If he refuses to pay, they’ll throw him out of the union, and then they can sue him properly.

Amazing, non?

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

He looks pretty confident would Ari Gold wriggle away?

Click here for more detailed information about the hearing.


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