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There were a few of them last night at the Hollywood Film Festival awards gala last night. Let’s start with Jeremy Renner. Because I’ve been remiss in not giving The Hurt Locker enough love. It deserves a lot of love. After all these months though, The Hurt Locker is still getting the love. And the buzz. They thought the buzz had come too early. But the buzz is still buzzing leading up to awards season, and now that the number of spots for Best Picture at the Oscars has been expanded to ten, The Hurt Locker must be considered a lock. It is a stunning achievement. And Jeremy Renner’s performance certainly deserves to be recognised. It’s just too bad Anthony Mackie is being ignored. He was excellent too.

If you haven’t seen The Hurt Locker, you must. Immediately.

98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


What are you waiting for?

Jeremy Renner was presented with the Breakthrough Award last night by his friend Charlize Theron who, um, is doing him no favours in the height department.

Carey Mulligan, my current #1 girlcrush, also received the Breakthrough Award for actresses – love the variation on the hair, love her little face, love the photo with Pierce Brosnan who did the honours. On the Shia front – Mulligan and LaBeouf were photographed hand in hand the other day sightseeing in New York. Click here for photos.

And then there’s Gabby Sidibe, recipient of the New Hollywood Award who giggled adorably upon her arrival that: “I think I was extremely naive when I showed up here tonight. This is a big thing!”

There will be more. Many believe that Gabby, Carey, and Meryl Streep are the three names that will most certainly be called on nomination day. Gabby loves purple. She will have lots of opportunities to wear purple of all season.

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