Jeremy Renner arrived in Vancouver this weekend to resume work on Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, what a dumb name. Isn’t it? Whatever. Dumb name or not, I’ll probably go. It’ll be released next year, December 16, 2011. Tom Cruise wants a piece of the holiday box office.

Right now though he has to focus on getting the film on budget and on schedule. So he’s been elusive in Vancouver so far, flying private, travelling with a secret service style security team under a heavy cloak of protection. Unlike Jeremy Renner and the rest of the cast who came in commercial. And I think this is the most attractive I’ve ever seen him since The Hurt Locker, like actually IN The Hurt Locker. Most of the time I don’t like Renner’s angles. Here though, at Vancouver International Airport, here he looks good. And very thin. And fresh off his National Board of Review and Washington Film Critics Award win for Best Ensemble Cast in The Town.

That’s back to back for The Town.

Even though, like at NBR, The Social Network – which also has a supporting cast – took home Best Director AND Best Screenplay, somehow it can’t capture the Ensemble. What’s the problem?

We’ll talk about this later.

For now, for two years in a row, Renner’s name is attached to a strong ensemble film. And now he just wants to make some money. Well, he’s allowed.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images