What about Hawkeye?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 14, 2014 13:42:59 March 14, 2014 13:42:59

Every time there's a Marvel movie coming out, they always trot out a different character or characters from the franchise to make it all happy family. I feel like Jeremy Renner shows up a lot for the others - Iron Man, Thor, Cap...

But what about Hawkeye?

Hawkeye is probably the weakest one, right?
There was some speculation that Renner wasn't happy about Hawkeye's role in the Avengers. Not like I'm at all up on the nerd talk but there was enough of it that it even trickled down to the neophytes and, besides, wasn't it obvious? His arrows weren't all that...intimidating...to begin with. And he was also the one who cracked up for Loki, distancing himself from the others. Hawkeye totally missed the party. 

But, like, RDJ and the others, Renner's been hitting the gym hard lately, physically preparing for beginning production on Avengers 2. And he did show up last night, still on good terms with the company, so maybe that means his storyline in the sequel is much more satisfying, maybe he gets to play on the invisible space ship this time.

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