Jeremy Renner arriving for Arrival

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 30, 2016 17:05:44 August 30, 2016 17:05:44

Here is Jeremy Renner, wearing the sh*t out of a pair of jeans, arriving in Venice for the film festival, which kicks off this week. He’s there to support Arrival, in which he plays second fiddle to Amy Adams. Renner—along with Elizabeth Olsen—skipped out on most of the Captain America: Civil War press in order to shoot Wind River (the directorial debut of the writer of Hell or High Water—I got a lot more interested in Wind River after seeing that movie). So it’s been a relatively quiet summer for him. Is he still working on an album? Counting down until Jeremy Renner joins the Hollywood Vampires.

But he still found time this summer to squabble with his ex over child support, which is like Part VIII of their ongoing “Garbage People Being Garbage And Getting Garbage On A Kid By Proxy” saga. And the set of the TV show he’s producing burned down. That’s not his fault, but it is the kind of thing that makes you think someone forgot to pay the village crone proper respect. If Beauty and the Beast teaches you nothing else, let it be the importance of respecting the village crone.


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