The Renner Moves

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 8, 2011 09:18:00 February 8, 2011 09:18:00

There are a few you Renner quiverers who frequently demand more Renner gossip on this blog. Specifically, I think there’s an Olga who’s really into him? Maybe I’ve mixed up the names. But I am certain that there’s a small but ardent group for whom Jeremy Renner is the big want.

Renner was at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon yesterday in LA. He’s up against Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor. Which means there’s really little to no chance. Because if Bale loses, and he won’t, it’ll go to Geoffrey Rush. So in this case, for Renner, that’s even better. When there’s no pressure and it’s all just a month-long party while people celebrate you every day and everywhere? Please. That’s exactly how you do it. Especially when the girls are extra receptive with your back-to-back Oscar nominee title and you can fly low key without the spotlight of a frontrunner. Why waste all those good moves?

Jeremy Renner evidently has some moves.

He’s been in Vancouver shooting Mission Impossible 4 with Tom Cruise. Likes to go out when he’s finished up on set. Likes to hit up the bar, chat up the ladies. The other night he was at Library Square laying his game on a tall young blonde who was definitely into it. Renner’s playbook is all smiles and touches, on the arm, on the back, a few times here and there at the waist. He’s right up in your personal space filling it with charm. And it worked. They left together.

(Thanks Krista!)

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