Yesterday I received an email from a reader called Kendra who complained that it had been 21 days since the last Jeremy Renner post and this was unacceptable. Well, Kendra, he presented at the ESPYs last night so the drought is over. I suspect Sarah from Cinesnark probably isn’t sorry about this either because, last I checked, Renner is her jam.

We’re about a month out now from the release of Renner’s The Bourne Legacy. This is his opportunity to show that he can be a Movie Star, to carry a franchise. The ability is there, no question. But it only works with an audience. Here’s the new tv spot for Legacy. It looks solid. He is more than believable. Remember when this was Shia LaBeouf’s? Hollywood Sliding Doors again. We need a documentary about this. Go back and watch Mr & Mrs Smith and see if you can picture Nicole Kidman in that role. WTF???