Jeremy Renner was at the Jaeger LeCoultre party last night in Venice like an odd little man trying to work a new hat. You know that crazy dude who stands outside the bar and heckles people, hilariously, as they come out? That’s Jeremy Renner. He’s not Joaquin Phoenix f-cked up, but there’s still some crazy happening here…and I’m into it. 

Renner of course is in Venice for Ben Affleck’s The Town. He’s also the new Hawkeye and many are speculating that The Avengers will really be his story since so far he doesn’t have an independent one of his own. On top of that, Renner is attached to Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible and is being spoken of as the heir to that franchise whenTom Cruise finally stops jumping out of plans. 

But Renner is still anchored to heavy drama and he will be working soon with Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood) on The Master. They say he’s the new Daniel Craig. But at 39 he’s really only 3 years younger. Do you put Renner and Craig on the same level? 

See… I don’t. Maybe it’s this hat. 

Photos from Pascal Le Segretain/