You don’t have to be tall to work a pair of pants well. Jake Gyllenhaal is tall and he finds pants problematic rather often. Jeremy Renner is not tall and, well, here leaving the set of The Bourne Legacy yesterday in New York, Jeremy demonstrates that he can do pants super sexy. Also I love French bulldogs. SO cute.

The Bourne Legacy is scheduled for August 2012. Did you know that Matt Damon turned down $20 million - allegedly - when he was invited to come back? Apparently it wasn’t about money. He wanted to work with the same director again.

So Jeremy stepped in as another character who has a similar story and all the other people like Joan Allen are coming back. And Edward Norton is the bad guy and Rachel Weisz will be the probable love interest which... I’m not sure I can see that but since they’re keeping the script really tight, maybe it’s not actually a romance? Rachel was spotted on set yesterday too.