From the beginning, it’s been clear that Jeremy Renner’s divorce from Sonni Pacheco is going to be ugly as sh*t. Then, for a while, it seemed like maybe it would end up playing out largely behind closed doors, especially as Renner’s only move has been to emphasize his daughter as his priority. But this is Jeremy Renner, and where there is Jeremy Renner, there is bound to be a mess. Sure enough, TMZ got their hands on a filing from Renner that is just as gross and accusatory as you’d imagine it to be.

Previously, Pacheco filed for primary custody, citing “unsafe” conditions at Renner’s home including an unfenced pool and his gun collection. In the papers TMZ just released, Renner counters that Pacheco is the (more) unfit parent because she left their child alone in order to go to a party, and there are also accusations of drug use and allegations that Pacheco blatantly admitted to marrying Renner for a green card and “financial stability”. Allegedly, she threatened to release “embarrassing intimate videos” of Renner if he didn’t help her out with that stuff.

Choose your own adventure on this one, folks. He’s a controlling asshole, she’s a coke-snorting blackmailer—there’s no good side to be on. As they both appear firmly entrenched, it’s likely to go on for a while, and I can’t help but wonder how much nastier it can get. Please let this be the bottom of the barrel because this is getting gross. The Renner/Pacheco divorce is now officially two assholes standing in a dumpster throwing garbage at one another.