Jeremy’s new friend

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 17, 2013 18:00:38 May 17, 2013 18:00:38

Jeremy Renner’s 8 month old puppy, Franklin, a French bulldog, died last year because he was overheated. I could barely get that sentence out. Jeremy, understandably, was devastated. Last week, Jacek and I took our Marcus to emergency at 4am because he had the runs. We were getting on a plane that day. Jacek was despondent. They’re so helpless when they’re sick.

Here’s Jeremy today in New York and ...look! He has a new dog! Clearly Jeremy is partial to a certain breed. You know how they say that dogs resemble their owners? This is my husband resembling our two beagles. The man-dog stink that wafts away from this couch every day at 5pm is what I have to live with.

Corny but true: what makes me heartbursty. on Twitpic


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