I hope you were able to see the Tom Cruise’s freaky sci video last week. As you know, it was f&cking hilarious. And frightening.

But this. This is genius. Genius on its own without any Tom Cruise recollection but if you remember Tom Cruise in the original, the brilliance of this new parody rises to another level. 

Starring Jerry O’Connell – the dude who’s married to Rebecca Romijn. Period. I have no idea what else he does. I don’t care what else he does. As far as I’m concerned, this is the ONLY thing he’s ever done in his whole life.

Because as KatE Cruise would say – Jerry O’Connell has made my life.

It’s not just the crazy cackle…note also the crazy Scientology staredown. And the "acronyms".  But the best…the absolute best is the way he keeps slapping his hands together. Every time he slaps them together I feel like I’m going to pass out from laughter.

You will lose your sh*t. Promise.

And if I were Jerry, I'd disappear for a while. Because Xenu will come looking...

Thanks Margot for the tip!