Lady Gaga arrived at Heathrow today in full costume and ended up bailing on her face in front of photographers. It’s the price you pay. And certainly she knows it, and so in her mind, this would be considered a flawed performance. Or perhaps the falling is the performance. With her you never know.

As for Jerry Seinfeld and his bullsh-t, click here for the background on the situation and click here if you want the audio. For most of it, including the part where he calls Gaga a “jerk”, it does sound like he’s joking. But it also sounds like he simply doesn’t get it.

Madonna and his wife are thick as thieves, and he doesn’t get it? He calls up his famous friends to come on his dumbass tv show and Lady Gaga can’t borrow his private elitist box suite without his criticism and he doesn’t get it?

There’s an argument here that he’s trying to defend, something about the old school and how the new school simply doesn’t know. Well, the new school also involves a legendary comic, middle-aged and bored, greedy as f-ck, pissing on quality for the sake of profiting from the base.

Sit DOWN Jerry Seinfeld.

Photos from INFphoto