Written by Sarah

Without all-American Armie Hammer and the style of Justin Timberlake to fall back on, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield had to bring it to the BAFTAs to represent the cast of The Social Network. They didn’t disappoint. Garfield, as I’ve said before, has a frame made to hang suits off of, and this time he didn’t wear loafers. Eisenberg greatly improved on his Golden Globe look because this time his suit actually fit. Also, he was carrying himself with a bit of a swagger, too. Maybe he’s getting more comfortable with the attention? Whatever it is, Eisenberg has steadily upped his game with each award show appearance.

Both guys were nominated for their roles in The Social Network and Garfield was up for the Orange Rising Star Award, too, but neither brought home any hardware (they weren’t really expected to). They did, however, accept David Fincher’s surprise Best Director win over The King’s Speech’s Tom Hooper since Fincher wasn’t there. Was that an experience over youth thing? Or is The Social Network not as dead as everyone thought? We have a race!

Back to Eisenberg and Garfield—these are two of the most interesting young guys working today. For Eisenberg, it’s time to see what he can do beyond the awkward/nerdy/losery guy role and the more I see of Garfield as Spider-Man the more I am getting into this reboot. I also get a kick out of the friendship vibe these two give off. I feel like they spend their night making fun of all the other young guys (or Timberlake if he’s around). Like I bet they totally mocked Nicholas Hoult at some point.

(Lainey: they really did hit the right note while accepting though. It was NOT and never was about them. Justin Timberlake can’t seem to learn this lesson.)

Photos from Wenn.com and Ian Gavan/Dave Hogan/Gettyimages.com