As we’ve seen through the decades, Woody Allen has his muses. But now? Forget Diane Keaton, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, forget the actresses, because he’s finally found The One, the one he’s been looking for all this time:

Jesse Eisenberg.

Jesse stars in Woody’s latest film, Café Society, which will open the Cannes Film Festival in a couple of weeks. It’s set in 1930s Hollywood, Jesse is a fish out of water, glamourised by the glamourisation of Tinseltown but cynical enough to be able to resist some of its charms and temptations. Just like Woody. Smart like Woody. Sardonic and clever like Woody. Of course, OF COURSE, neurotic like Woody (that line about being “so lonely I would have been happy just to talk but now I’m even too tired for that” is textbook). And surrounded by women, like Woody. All manner of woman! The “ordinary” office girl, played by Kristen Stewart, and the alluring starlet, played by Blake Lively. It’s at once autobiographical and wish fulfillment. And, to me at least, so obviously – and boringly – nostalgic and narcissistic. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe you are charmed.

Attached - Jesse at the CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.