Jesse James has signed a book deal. He’s not writing about fixing up cars, or whatever it is that he calls a job. He signed the deal based on content about his life with ex-wife Sandra Bullock and his new life with soon to be new wife Kat Von D.

Remember when Jesse James declared, upon announcing his engagement to Von D, that last year was the best year of his life? The same year he humiliated Sandra with his multiple infidelities and Nazi leanings? At the time it didn’t seem he could sink any lower. Clearly, where he’s concerned, there really is no bottom. Makes me wonder why he’s not f-cking Ebola Paris Hilton.

James of course, in celebrating 2010 for all the amazingness that it was, now feels the need to exploit Sandy’s pain for his own gain. Gross.

That he would do something like this is not surprising. What’s baffling however is that he’s allowed to. You’d think, right? You’d think that someone like Sandy would have had a confidentiality clause built into that divorce agreement? I’m not a lawyer but if that were me I’d have insisted upon it straight up, not because I think Sandy has a lot to hide, but because, given this prick’s predilection for f-cking around with the most sordid parts of our society, it’s more about self-preservation than secret-keeping. And now look. He’s capitalising on their marriage.

You really just don’t know. You really just never know.

A lot of people, and I don’t blame you, are skeptical about her insistence that she didn’t. I’d be more inclined to side with you if not for the fact that we all also know that being in love often makes you really, really stupid. And blind. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic kind of love.

My mother had a friend, a friend for 40 years, who sold her out as soon as she got sick. There are families that disintegrate all the time because of one sibling’s betrayal of another. Women take off with their sister’s husbands. Cousins empty bank accounts of aunts and uncles never to be seen again. Cain killed his own brother. These stories make headlines all the time.

We are, perhaps, the most vulnerable, and the most ignorant when it comes to the people we love. I think though that the reason some may have a hard time believing that Sandra Bullock was in the dark and insist that she must have known about James’s darkness, and condoned it until she couldn’t anymore, is that ultimately, without that kind of an excuse, we have to face the fact that it could happen to us.

You may be fortunate, you may not know someone who’s been cheated like this. Who was completely oblivious to it until someone forced, and I mean FORCED, his/her eyes open. But if you do, or if it was you, Sandra’s example is perfectly and devastatingly believable.

You really just don’t know. You really just never know.


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