Have you seen 40 days and 40 nights? Sh*tty movie, sh*tty actor, fine piece of hotness. Too bad he has sucked donkey ass ever since. But. Hooking up with ScarJo doesn"t hurt. And releasing a dark new movie called Lucky Number Slevin co-starring a number of respectable actors isn"t a bad move either. In fact, Josh Hartnett seems to be on the up and up. But there is one problem. It is a problem that has plagued him forever and it needs to stop. Take a look at Josh from the pages of the upcoming Vmag via JustJared. You will note that he is just a shade, just a small tiny shade and a few misplaced hairs from pure molten loin quiveration. Come on gossips...say it with me. What the F&CK is up with the unibrow??? I mean, I"m all for manly men. Meticulous grooming a la Jesse Metcalfe certainly holds no appeal. Because the only man who should look and smell better than I do is my the gay one yapping away in my ear. But there is over-maintenance and there is basic maintenance. And in Josh"s case, I wish someone would introduce a tweezer to those brows. Six quick plucks in the centre region should do it. Is that too much to ask???