OK, let’s have it out once and for all. My guess is he's gay. You want evidence? I’ll give you evidence. How about the makeup? Check. How about the perfectly groomed soul patch – for just a hint of laughable manly man machismo? Check. And the meticulously plucked eyebrows?? Check, check, check. I mean, holy Lopez, these things are worthy of Anastasia herself. In fact, I bet you he’s her best client. But the thing is – for all his posturing, for all the application, for all the hard, hard work, I find Jesse Metcalfe absolutely repulsive. Even more so than Vin Diesel. I look at Jesse Metcalfe and I feel like I’m looking at a creepy science experiment, human but not really human. Like how a clone would come out, plastic parts accounted for but with something missing inside. Just felt a cold chill down my back. Jesse Metcalfe a hottie? Definitely NOT.