There are three reasons to write this post. I have struggled with the order of them, but I am very certain there are exactly three. They are all based on the below photo below, and they are as follows: 


1. These two as a couple. Yes, ‘still’

Look at them.  Could any of us have come up with this in a thousand years? We could not. I’m not talking about all that ‘oh she’s a movie star’ nonsense, which is decades-old news, or the kinds of roles he plays. None of that.

Look at them. They are standing the same way. They are smiling the same way. Their chests are puffed out (ahem) the same way. They are very obviously made for each other, and it kills me that we, the pop culture obsessives, didn’t put this together. Do they both look like they might be high? They do. Do they look like they might ditch the ceremony as soon as he doesn’t win and go to a not-trendy burger place on their way home? They do. 

They are the greatest, most enigmatic secret, and I love them.

2. That dress.

I mean come on, I’m a human being. How can I not see and appreciate this? If you’re gonna do a tight navy dress, you do it RIGHT and she really, really is. She will never regret this outfit.

3. ‘Landry’

Jesse Plemons is busier than ever. He probably can’t walk down the street anymore. He’s widely understood to be a really, really good actor, like better than a lot of his contemporaries and maybe even better than the leads he supports.

And everyone still calls him Landry.

I don’t know who in the Friday Night Lights writers’ room came up with the name. I don’t know who came up with the gag that Coach would only ever call him Lance. I only know they created a legend, and I hope wherever they are tonight, that they know that and feel a sense of real pride.