Kicking off the Fantastic Four promotional tour in Australia, Jessica Alba chose frigid prude during interviews in the afternoon and then her true potential on the carpet later on at the premiere.

She keeps whining about not wanting to be known for her body which is why she tries so hard to tone it down on the sexy wardrobe. Problem is, Jessica Alba has nothing to back that up. Unless you’re telling me she’s the next Kate Winslet?


Said it before and I’ll say it again, overreaching is a tragic waste of time. Girl has a hot body and a cute smile period. Sometimes a superhero in a tight costume really is the tops, you know? 

As for that temporary restraining order she put on her raging bitch…temporary is the key word. Well behaved for a few months following her tour of terror through Vancouver but have heard from a few lucky folks attending the Golden State Warriors game the other night: Jessica was there with Cash Warren, all over Cash Warren, making sure photographers captured every detail of her “togetherness” with Cash Warren and not surprisingly was a cow to everyone else. As Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson – WAY higher up on the food chain – signed autographs, posed for photos, and laughed with regular civilians, the Alba had her staredown on full blast, rolled her eyes when asked for a photo, and apparently sneered at one point when an intrepid young fan attempted to approach. 

But of course you wouldn’t know it from the photos, would you?

Anyway, check out this one of her hands on her hips. I imagine this is what happens right before the horns start coming out of her head. Alba's Bitch is alive and well. Good to know. 

PS. The hose? What is her deal with hosiery??? A lavender shade of hosiery? Seriously… the hosiery is bad enough. But tinted hosiery? Shame.