Whatever, Katie Holmes. Go on with your single freedom, taking cabs all over the place like you’re in gen pop now, and not combing your hair because life in New York as Courage Mom, superhero, is simply too busy.

It can’t be more busy than Jessica Alba’s.

Alba is in NYC this week and turning Manhattan into her own personal runway. Here are three looks and my favourite, obviously, is the grey dress with the rabbit print because, as you know if you’ve been reading this blog a while, there’s nothing I love more than a great animal print. Also Jacek is born under the sign of the Rabbit so of course it’s even more special and yes, if that sounds like I’m trying to justify the purchase, I totally am, only it’s Carolina Herrera, selling for $2500 and, well, f-ck, I would have to be here rationalising for 4 months if I had the money anyway because it’s not available until November.

Alba of course gets the advance.

Which, I guess, is why you’re supposed to buy baby products from her?

She’s in town to promote The Honest Company. She can’t get a movie so she’s hustling her Mom career. But Alba started in television, remember? She could go back to television no problem. And yet Jessica Alba would rather sell hemp diapers than be TV and get paid a very good wage, a very regular, dependable wage.

You see how it is with these people?

They think TV is beneath them.

She would think that TV is beneath her. HER!

So she wants you to buy her granola bibs. And while you do that, she’ll keep stomping around New York, wearing beautiful clothes.