The blue is lovely on her. Really, really sharp. It’s Versace. (The Jolie wears Versace a lot. I wish she’d chosen this for herself at the Golden Globes instead of looking like she’d just walked out of a polygamist sect.) I do love the double braid. A LOT. (Should I do this for the Oscars?) But that still doesn’t explain for me why Jessica Alba is at the BAFTAs. WTF? 

It’s not like there wasn’t enough star power either. 

Is she, like, heavily involved in British cinema? Please. 

I wonder what goes on in her head, when she hears the names of the nominees called, if she daydreams that one day it will be hers. Did you just laugh out loud? Not only because she’s lacking in talent, but also because, with comments like screenwriters are irrelevant and first time directors suck – click here for a refresher – it’s hard to imagine how Alba would get the votes. The Academy is more than just actors and people and asses, or other body parts and red herrings, she’s kissed. What? Alba would never, ever, ever, ever stoop so low. No, not her. 

But she did have the opportunity to catch up with her old friend Harvey Weinstein at the event. Harvey was even more kingly than Colin Firth during the show with everyone, but everyone, namechecking him in reference to The King’s Speech. Harvey is all power right now. He wields it very powerfully too. 

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