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Jessica Alba - dressing demurely, making comments last week about not showing off her ass and her tits, trying to go the classy route to avoid the mishaps of her peers…all part of a delusional attempt to become a serious actress. Said it before and I’ll say it again – yet another tv girl wanting more. Yet another body disguised as talent.

But when it’s on the line, when there’s a movie to promote, Jessica Alba is always good to go back to her best. And here she is lighting it up in GQ – provocative, sexy, suggestive, an amazing physique, an incredible ass: this is what she is, this is ALL she is.

I’m particularly fond of the one where water is dribbling out of her mouth. Pardon the crass but that’s a photo taken for the express purpose of jerking off.

And don’t forget – The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer comes out on June 15th. The Alba Bitch wants you to know…

Click here for the full series. She’s so horny looking, it’s wonderful.

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