Having a private lunch in Beverly Hills, most likely talking business, perhaps another guest spot on Entourage? Perhaps collaborating together for an upcoming feature? Whatever it is, if it ever happened – OFF screen of course – I for one would be all over it, definitely a formula for super hot sex…IF he’s not with his baby momma anymore, that is. Because obviously, if he and Rhea Durham are still on, obviously it’s off limits. But theirs has apparently never been the most stable of relationships. You’ll recall, after their first kid, like almost 5 minutes after, he took off for Miami and Jessica Alba, only to reunite with Rhea some time after, and rumour has it, even though they had a second, Mark has always been one temptation from hopping out the door. Last I heard their current status was ON, though as far as I know he’s been going solo on the carpet for awards season – will keep you posted but for now, tempting as it may be from a smutty perspective, I wouldn’t rush off and pair his ass with Scarlett quite yet. X17