I might be losing my bitch but in this case, I think it"s less a case of bitchloss and more a curious case of George - how he manages, with his friendship, with his presence, with his influence to make even the most insufferable sufferable, the most annoying less so, to bring out the best in the worst so that they cease to be the worst and actually move towards the harmless. Best example…Julia Roberts. Can"t stand the goose guffaw, can"t stand the chompers (look at "em in that solo photo!), can"t stand the attention hogging, the alleged homewrecking, the reports of bad behaviour - another fraud American Sweetheart with a raging ego behind the smile. But then came George. And when George is selling, I am always buying. George and J Ro are good friends. George loves J Ro, George asked J Ro to come out to the American Cinematique event in his honour, no one says No to George, so here she is, here they are, clearly affectionate, and doesn"t George make Julia almost likeable? Here"s the thing with Julia Roberts though - yes, absolutely, "A Low Vera" was deplorable and she has certainly pulled her fair share of Alba Demonics but word is, getting the guy came with a psychological price which therefore prompted her subsequent attempt at attrition through retreat. In these glorious times of gossip and media manipulation, as weekly magazines compete for exclusive scoop and blogs lead the way in bringing you the dirt, one huge mouth has been noticeably absent and though I might not adore Julia Roberts, though I might not approve of the cheat, I do appreciate the gear change in favour of children and privacy. Unlike other people who claim to hate the press but sun themselves incessantly on the ultra-private, pappy accessible beaches of Malibu, Julia moved to the paparazzi desert called New Mexico, living in relative obscurity for the better part of 2 years, going on sabbatical for a showbiz maternity leave without signing on to any major productions until her brief stint on Broadway. Now that I can live with it. Still don"t love her…but I can definitely live with her… And, at the very least, because George would want me to. Photo source