On the weekend, collecting a very prestigious Spike TV Scream Award. Rumour has it, the Alba Bitch is easily threatened - can"t frickin" stand having anyone remotely attractive on set with her, working for her, around her, lest another beauty dare to eclipse her own. Such a shame really…that someone so attractive can be so insecure, to the point of not realising that there are probably very few women in women in the world who can rival her face/body combination and still the gossip surrounding her competitive nature has reached near legendary levels, and you have to wonder - if she"s so hellbent on being the best, she"s really not doing herself any favours with the fringe, is she? Because underneath those bangs, the Alba actually looks almost ordinary. Underneath those bangs, the Alba doesn"t stop traffic. Underneath those bangs, the Alba wasn"t the prettiest girl in the room…and you can bet your boob job the Alba Bitch tore someone a new asshole because of it.