Story blew up yesterday when Brazilian gossip site Glamurama reported that Tom Brady has knocked up Gisele Bundchen too. Although her rep initially denied the claims, NYC is now also buzzing that she’s confirmed it to all her friends, making his sperm even more potent than Kevin Federline’s. And Bridget Moynahan must be losing her sh-t. So whose side are you on? Standard MiniVan Majority reaction would fall for Bridget. Gorgeous model comes along, snatches away the man, leaving woman in mid 30s single to fend for herself and baby…poor Bridge. And if it were anyone else, like Mary Louise Parker… for sure, totally, giv’er, absolutely. But here’s what’s interesting – aside from her “friends” who keep leaking to the tabloids – not a lot of people are feeling a lot of sympathy for Bridget Moynahan. Word is she’s a killer bitch. High and mighty, allegedly treats people badly, apparently even WORSE than the Alba Demon in Vancouver when she was here some time back terrorizing the local hospitality industry, and there are many who believe that she knew the relationship was over for all intents and purposes but according to HIS supporters, got pregnant deliberately, and is now out of bitterness launching a smear campaign on a guy who has treated her well over the last 3 years. So again… Team Gisele or Team Bridget? But before you answer – have a look at Gisele & Tom PDA. Self proclaimed genetically superior supermodel hooks up with genetically superior super athlete. I’m telling you… my Celebrity Baby Theory is not failing on this one. My thanks to B at GiseleFan for the heads up. Source