How Much Effort…

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 31, 2008 06:02:00 March 31, 2008 06:02:00

Do you think it takes the Alba Bitch to smile? And to hide her crusty ass from the children? Under these circumstances, at the Kids’ Choice Awards, she must be grinding her teeth to the point of a migraine. Bet your boob job Cash Warren received a tongue lashing that night. For overflow. Like using a breast bump. Too many hours of pent up bitch without being used.

For the Alba Bitch, two hours of being nice is akin to two hours of the GMD pretending to be attracted to women.


Remember – this girl thrives on being rude. And mean. Especially to the small people.

But hey, at least she looks pretty. Very pretty. Pretty and pregnant and still, always, always selling Selling that glow to the MiniVan Majority, selling it to any demographic that will support her Herculean effort to actually make a decent movie.

Good luck with that, honey.

PS. MiserAlba. Best. Name. Ever.

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