A sighting and some smut…the perfect combination! My girlfriend Angie happens to live on Seymour in Vancouver, just across from where Rachel was shooting yesterday. Rachel was walking to the set, eating watermelon. Angie passed her on the street, super close. Being the friendly girl she is, Angie was like "Oh! Hi!" and Rachel - unlike that f&cking bitch Jessica Alba - said "Hi" back. She was wearing a platinum blonde fake wig, very very red lips, a 40s style dress, with a tiny tiny waist and a regular sized bum. Angie also said she"s REALLY short - "shorter than us" is how she described it and I"m just under 5 ft 4 and Angie"s probably a smidge taller, which should give you an idea, but what Angie gushed about most (sorry, girl) is how beautiful Rachel McAdams is. Wearing a ton of makeup but you could tell, underneath it all, she is total, unbridled gorgessity. As for the smut - don’t worry. They are still rowing their rowboat, living the dream, as perfect as perfect can be. Ironically enough though, what apparently makes them cringe is The McGosling phenomenon itself, the hysteria surrounding their celluloid to certain affair, the gushing, the goo, the over imaginative speculation into their love that has become at once an albatross but also a blessing. A blessing because in Hollywood, it never hurts to be popular. An albatross because the very notion of embodying such saccharine fantasy is the bane of their existence. Not that they aren"t extremely grateful to have loyal supporters but it"s the ones who are naming their babies, the ones who exist in a McGosling dream world that kinda creep them out. And I"m told it bothers her more than it bothers him. But here"s why we love Rachel. She"s gorgeous and talented and real and sweet and also very, very feisty. So instead of going off the deep end and getting all diva Alba, rumour has it Rachel"s apparently been having a little fun of her own, f&cking with freakishly obsessive fans and the tabloids, supposedly planting her own stories, through her own people, and sitting back and enjoying the goose chase. Every other week there"s a rumoured wedding and the wickedly wonderful part is that it comes from seemingly legit sources, family connections, close friends of her sister - the last one had several media outlets following up on bogus leads, discreetly but urgently, all the way to her home town. Needless to say, they"ve all been dead ends, personal practical jokes to make the glare of the limelight bearable. Touché Rachel - Did her stock just go through the roof or what? After all, who needs another sweetheart who secretly snorts coke behind her perma-tan??? I much prefer a girl with a little bite, true to herself with no hidden dirty vices. By the way - do you hear that? THAT, my fellow gossips, is the sound of a hundred thousand McGoslings foaming at the mouth, pounding furiously at their keyboards. Bring the hate mail, here it comes.