Thanks to MD and TD for the tip... If you’re familiar with my site, you have likely read about the Alba Terrorisation of Vancouver over the course of the last couple of months. Her attitude has reached near legendary proportions here with many tales of horrible treatment to on set assistants and crew members and unacceptable behaviour in local shoppes, including an incident where she is rumoured to have trailed her dog and his sh-t into a clothing store without an apology or an offer to clean it up. Happily for us, however, the Alba Demon has been very well behaved these days. See? Gossip IS good! And gossip is apparently very generous. Jessica and her boyfriend Cash Warren (does he have a JOB??? Do any of the “others” have a job???) stopped by Café Artigiano on Hornby Monday afternoon. Two soups and a bean salad couldn’t have amounted to more than 11 or 12 bucks but “when paying by debit she was confused when the screen froze and the cashier explained to her it was the place she could ad a tip if she wanted - not knowing protocol she dropped a $7 tip at a coffee shop.” Think she regrets it? Oh and if you’re interested…they sat on the smoking patio. Anyway, here’s Alba and her umemployed on a stroll in Coal Harbour with the free-sh-tting dog. By the way – she used to have a pug too. Wonder what happened to it?? Love the pink Converse though. Makes my black and whites look really really boring… Source