In more ways than one? Clearly much better than the last go round of ads for Ferre in which she looked like an equine elf, hair pulled back, decided unglamourous. And that skirt is spectacular! A curious Julia these days, non? Extremely low key, almost eager to go unnoticed, mother earth personified, humble to the point of reinvention. Is it really humility or is it the realisation that past behaviours could impact her children and an astute decision to woo the Goddess into forgiveness? For her sake, I hope so. Because in addition to the homewreckage, she used to be legendary for impossible antics, most famously at the Oscars a few years ago when she chewed out the show writers for a teleprompted script she deemed unacceptable and also for other episodes of serious bitchiness, like this lovely account from her roots in Georgia - a place she"s said to have rejected as soon as she went Hollywood. As local legend would have it, Julia and Danny descended on sleepy Smyrna a few years ago to visit family just after they got married. It was a one night stop-in so they stayed at her mother"s place and naturally, a star of her stature was afforded the master bedroom - mom"s bedroom. According to the rumour, the sh*t hit the fan when Mrs Moder freaked out over the furnishings, so loudly that the house was reverberating with her displeasure, insisting that new furniture must be procured immediately, as in that evening, even though she was scheduled to leave the next morning. The Alba Bitch would be proud, non? In all fairness though, with the arrival of Hazel and Phinaes, these stories have since dried up, evidence perhaps that change is possible and in her case, change is good. I wonder though if Jessica Alba is capable of the same.