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Sasha, almost a year ago I started noticing a guy at the coffee shop my friend and I hang out at. He is basically the perfect guy for me. I started talking to him and flirting with him just as harmless fun.

One day we were talking and he finally mentioned his wife, maybe I'm a bad person because I continued to flirt with him even after knowing for sure he had a wife. I honestly thought nothing would happen.  Eventually we became Facebook friends and would message each other. This was when our relationship started entering dangerous territory.  He messaged me at 2 in the morning about whipped cream. We talked about how he satisfied customers. Then I told him he should fix my car. I really thought he would say no, but that wasn't what happened. He said he would take a look at it.

He has another job(cleaning carpets)that is run out of a house so that's where I met him to fix my car. We hung out for two hours and had an awesome time. Nothing happened and he never made any moves.  One day I asked him if he had a piece of paper and he said he would only give me a piece if I wrote him a secret message. I told him I would. In the note I asked him if he would clean my carpets. The next day he said he would clean my carpets and to just come into the coffee shop to get the details. Well I guess he finally gave in because he asked for my number. We started texting and things got inappropriate fast - he told me over text that he basically wanted to cheat on his wife. I was on the fence about it until I asked if he had cheated before. He said he had and his wife knew about it. That was when any guilt I had went away. He and his wife just didn’t seem to fit together.

Oh and did I mention I was a virgin until him? I'm 20 and he is 26. He was the only guy I had ever considered giving it up to, and I did. He was very sweet to me. I don't regret what I did. This has been going on for the last 3 and a half months now.  Cut to… his wife got sick and his guilt kicked in. He said he wasn’t sure we could continue our relationship. I said it was ok. Then four hours later he texted me asking if he could come over, he didn’t want to be done. I let him have his space for a few weeks and things are slowly getting back to normal between us I think. I fear I am falling in love with him….


He sucks, you suck, EVERYTHING about this sucks. 

Sorry, but every single sentence I was forced to read had me more enraged than the last because howwwww?!?!!!??? in the world have you convinced yourself that any of this is good?

Let me summarize what I’ve taken away from what you've said:
1. He’s hot.
2. He cleans carpets - which, I'm wondering is an actual occupation or a euphemism for carpet munching.
3. He’s a manipulative f-ck who cheats on his wife.

What an Ace.

F, please oh please stop fooling yourself in thinking that this guy is anything but a f-cking creep. He is not yours nor will he ever be.  Sure, he likes talking to you and sleeping with you, but that’s about it. You say this is a “relationship” but does he even know your birthday? Your middle name? How many siblings you have?

My point is that these guys only care about themselves; they have a strong need for admiration and attention, but could give two sh-ts about how YOU feel.  So F, save yourself months of heartbreak and ditch this dud. 

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