Oscar nominations are to be announced tomorrow but today, everyone is talking about the Razzie Awards – the assiest pictures and performances of the year. 

While much focus has been paid to Lilo’s sh*tty turn in I Know Who Killed Me which topped the list with 9 nods, most people seem to be skipping right over Alba who was singled out for sucking in NOT ONE, NOT TWO, but THREE movies this year. 


Alba’s illustrious 2007 included the Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck, and Awake. 

But remember… Jessica Alba is a “serious” actress. Because she’s totally demonstrated “serious” abilities. Because her claim to fame has nothing to do with her looks. And Cate Blanchett can step off.



Here’s Alba trying to emote in F4 and looking typically grumpy arriving at Sundance where she apparently has another movie to promote. What are the chances this time it’ll be good?


Photos from Splashnewsonline.com