Mom Hair ruins the dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 9, 2010 07:49:14 February 9, 2010 07:49:14

This is a Proenza Schouler. It’s exquisite. It looks great on her. And the shoes too. The Alba Bitch was beautifully styled at the Valentine’s Day premiere. But for the hair. Good God, when did she cut this hair? It’s not only that it’s Mom Hair, it’s also weirdly greased, almost like she realised the Mom was frizzing and she tried to tame it with her husband’s Vegas gel. HORROR.

This should not be allowed to happen. And yet it happens so much. Stars who trade on their looks making terrible decisions about their looks – isn’t that what a management team is for? If I’m, say, Laura Linney, no I don’t give a sh-t about a bad haircut. Because that’s legitimate talent. But if I’m Jessica Alba? And my entire portfolio is based on my pretty? Please. I’m not changing my eye shadow until I talk to my agent, never mind pulling out the scissors. The f-ck was she thinking???

Here she is on the carpet last night with Cash. Ugh. Cash. Every time I hear that name I feel violent. CASH. F-cking ignorant.

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