Alba Bitch gets cut

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 7, 2009 14:16:20 January 7, 2009 14:16:20

It’s blunt. You like? I do. She looks really young. Sigh. A fringe. I wish. But can’t. Fringe isn’t feng shui friendly during the 30s says mom. No cover up the forehead luck ah.

Jessica Alba though is only 27. She has time.

The new cut is going hand in hand with the new image strategy. She’s a doting mom, an organic shopper, a serious actor (snort), and socially involved too.

Hollywood is being transplanted to Washington for Inauguration Week and the Alba Bitch is hosting a kick off event for Declare Yourself (she starred in the vote campaign last year) on January 18 featuring Maroon 5 (do they still matter? Really?) and Samantha Ronson. Cost $250.

Word is Shelfy Jessica Biel is itching to do something too. Oh la. Throwdown at the White House. Love it.

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